At birth, everybody gets a different meat suit. Some are tall and strong. Some are weak, with inborn defects. Nature is cruel. Some people get pretty faces, others asymmetric. Some people get white hair and blue eyes; other folks are red-haired with green eyes. We don’t get to pick our bodies. Neither do our parents. Nature creates us the way it desires.

It is popular nowadays to send birthday wishes to someone over social media. People would post funny pictures of their friends or family members. They would add some text about that person and tag them in their post…

Mike Horn and Børge Ousland: “Talks about their expedition to the Arctic Ocean”

… the expedition was slowing down. We were losing energy and motivation. We were exhausted.

As we sleep at night, a polar bear approaching the tent from the back side. We had a tripwire set up around the tent to warn us of unwelcomed visitors like this.

My partner, Børge is dead asleep. The bear had passed the tripwire without setting it off and got into my sled that was parked right behind the tent. He starts tearing the cover of the sled to get to the little bit of remaining food that I had. The sled is moving back…

  • Consumers, about 55 percent are likely to continue buying more groceries online after the peak of the crisis. Nike’s first-quarter digital sales in China increased 30 percent
    one year after the company launched home workouts via its mobile app, while property platform Beike said agent-facilitated property viewings on its virtual reality showroom in February increased by almost 35 times compared with the previous month.
  • In healthcare, digital interactions accelerated — the rapid growth of online consultations, partly thanks to a regulatory shift in reimbursement policy, as well as broader virtual interactions between pharmaceutical sales agents and physicians. …

It’s been two months since my Ayahuasca journey. The Word document has been sitting there, waiting for its time to get edited and published.

This is it. I had a lot of joy putting it into a PDF Magazine. The download is available by the link below:

Also available on Spotify:

Safe Travels

It’s been about two years since I’ve heard about ayahuasca for the first time.
I made a friend in Vancouver. His name is Valtteri. He owns and runs the sauna business. We met in late cold October, at the beach. He invited me over to his sauna. Instantly…

My role in my business is shifting. Or to be correct — “our business”. In five days it will be five months since I’ve been working on Deep Work Studios. I developed something that was just an idea into a well-communicated concept with architectural drawings, virtual models, renders and countless published articles. Also, I acquired something very valuable — the Deep Work Team. I used to be solo, not anymore. If there was a task to do, it was a no-brainer — I was the one to do it. No one to count on.

No more am I alone. I…

You see someone driving a very expensive car or spending the vacation at an ultra exotic destination. It might seem as they have it all, with minimum effort. It’s unfair! No matter you admit it or not, the feeling of being envious would be a normal human reaction. I want what he has. That’s OK to feel this way, but realize this….

Things always change. It cannot be rosy and shiny all the time as well as it cannot suck forever. Those people who’ve got something you want or admire, they didn’t have it all the time. The brighter they…

Ever since I left my full-time job at UBER I met hundreds of people. Over the past ten months, I’ve had more human interaction than I did over the past few years. And I am not excruciating. Why so?

My ideas are what had opened up the doors for me. My ideas had changed my lifestyle. Every business I attempted had introduced me to a new set of people. Those new people had introduced me to their friends. …

I remember the time in Phoenix, Arizona… I just graduated, broke up with my girlfriend and was about to get kicked out of the country. At that point in my life, I was miserable.

I remember going to “Low Key Piano Bar” on Mill Ave. I loved that bar for its live performances and the kind of people that came. I remember getting drunk and walking back home feeling sorry for myself. I was completely immersed in my problems. Despite the efforts, I could not find a job. I did not want to return back to the shithole that I…

Waiting to feel better is not going to work. You have to act. It’s not the time to rest! sitting on your couch, with your phone will only make things worse. It will become your lifestyle. It will not make you feel better — I will feel deeply, unsettlingly worse.

A year into the pandemic, we are in a broad mental and physical public health crisis. Many of us feel ashamed to talk about it. So we’re navigating these experiences on our own. And it isn’t going well. Quarantine has been terrible for our health. …

These thought been bothering me for several days, maybe a week. They would sit on the back of my mind, like a buzzing noise. I need to let them out — write them down. This is nothing new and most of people know it as simple truths. I write for myself — to structure my thinking and put it all in order.

Oleksandr Tereshchuk

To be the best myself — to be the most impactful

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